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More Information About Gemineans...

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Traditionally Gemini are adaptable, excellent communicators, eloquent and lively. Geminians can also be nervous, superficial on occasions and a little bit devious! Gemini are thoughtful and generous, but can be flighty and inconsistent in their attitude towards others. Gemini take nothing seriously and are fun-loving.

Gemini are skilled in language and excellent manipulators, so they make good diplomats, orators and debaters and work well with the public. Any profession which demands versatility suits Gemineans wonderfully.

Gemini are ruled by the planet mercury, and the colour green. Gemini are represented by the twins, and the lucky stone moss agate. Geminians have a tendency toward superficiality in their relationships, but they are most compatible with zodiac signs Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.

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